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A gritty, real-life adventure…

Axel is a boy who grows into a troubled, yet functioning man determined to forge a different path than his estranged father. A story of love and loss; life and death; perception and reality; and betrayal and forgiveness.

When five-year-old Axel Gearman’s parents divorce, he is made to tell his father he no longer wants to see him. Wanting to be a good boy, he obliges and spends the next several decades not seeing or knowing his dad. Now an adult, Axel has become a loving father and husband with a good job, a nice home, and some deep-seated issues. After receiving an unexpected phone call informing him of his father’s impending death, Axel makes a cross-country journey to reunite with him, settle his affairs and find closure.

Two Ways Out of Stockton provides a candid glimpse into the hard complexities of family and regret with a dash of humor. The musical and pop culture references bring life to the often relatable and sometimes heartbreaking moments throughout this touching memoir.

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About Axel Gearman

Eclectic. Loyal. Loud. Can’t get enough of pickled vegetables and canned meats. Lover of stories that are way too long.

In a nutshell, this is Axel Gearman.

Born in the quaint little hamlet of Austin, Texas in the late 70s, Axel was raised in Texas until his family moved to Fort Collins, Colorado in 1989. There, he participated in theatre, soccer and baseball until he realized how cool smoking cigarettes looked.

Through the years, Axel has formed admiration for several go-getters and inspirational figures, including:

  • RZA, founder of the Wu-Tang Clan
  • Stephen King, author of said long stories
  • Philip K. Dick, author of hundreds of mind-blowing adventures

His favorite author and book are both dead-ties: Stephen King and Philip K. Dick (and when the mood strikes or on the off-chance that he’s wearing tweed, John Steinbeck) for the former, and The Stand and East of Eden for the latter.

When he’s not dreaming of cruising the galaxy in the Millennium Falcon with his faithful Wookie companion (and AJ, too), Axel can be found listening to music, going to live music, writing, reading, drawing, gardening, working on home improvement projects, being outdoors (hiking, camping, snowshoeing), eating good food, drinking good drink, having adventures with AJ, playing with his dogs, visiting new places, and seeing his kids and hearing about their adventures.

Building a straight fence, repairing copper pipe, drawing a bit, and doing a pretty good karaoke of Neil Diamonds’ “Forever in Blue Jeans,” are just a few things Axel can do that bring him pride. Today, Axel still lives in Fort Collins with AJ and their two dogs, Gracie and Roscoe. He has two sons, G and Sky, and two daughters, Nesta and JJ.

Like most folks, Axel is both excited and scared shitless about what things may come. However, he can’t help but make people laugh while trying not to take life too seriously, often reciting his personal motto of “Well fuck, I hope this works out.”

axel gearman headshot

After many years, I have finally completed my first book. It has been both challenging and refreshing.

I hope that it speaks to you all in some way.

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